The story

I loved Jaritos mandarin soda as a kid. I loved it almost as much as I loved the sound of the bottle, played with flute embrochure. When I got that specific sweet tooth last month, I decided to do something new with this sound. After recording samples with an Audio-Technica AE-5100, expecting to replicate that flute sound, I was surprised that my initial results sounded eerily similar to the charming but ill-tuned calliope on the New Orleans riverboat. I then created a second patch, trying to make the bottle sound more harmonious and flute-like. I think the end results still play more like an organ, but when dialed in properly, it functions perfectly as either!

Orange Soda Super Flute Contains two patches. The first, “calliope” aims to immitate the sound of the calliope on the New Orleans riverboat. Like the sound of the riverboat, it goes gradually more out of tune the further up you go. It’s charming, but easy to create accidental dissonance with, especially in combination with other instruments.

The second patch, titled simply after the instrument, is based off of a single sample and stays in tune. The downside of this one is a loss of sustain in the high end. I aim to correct for this by using multiple samples like the calliope patch in the future, I’ll just have to be more precise about tuning. (It’s quite difficult to tune a soda bottle by drinking)

Both patches contain a high pass filter for a warmer, more naturally organ-like tone, as well as controls for attack, release, reverb, and chorus. I am to add internal panning on the next release.


Reviews for Orange Soda Super Flute

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  • Excellent vintage calliope sound(s)

    Despite its title as a "flute", I find this very similar in sound to the Calliope sound that is found on vintage synths such as the Roland D-50. As such, I love those two sounds! Thank you for making it simple and plain for me to play with those sounds that I like much.

    Jaime's Tone06 April 2023