The story

Version 1.2 (2024-03-23)
– Added “SonicStrings (AutoStrum)” preset

Version 1.1 (2024-02-16)
– Added “Chords (Looped)” preset

Version 1.0 (2023-04-06)
– First version released

At the moment, the Omnichord is no longer produced and prices on the second-hand market have skyrocketed. This is my attempt to make the sound of the Omnichord more accessible.

Here’s a little demo of the Omni-84 in action:

– Sample rate: 48 kHz
– Bit depth: 24 bit
– Channels: 1 (mono)
– Number of files: 277
– File size: 241.3 MB
Impulse responses:
– Sample rate: 48 kHz
– Bit depth: 24 bit
– Channels: 2 (stereo)
– Number of files: 1
– File size: 577 KB

This sample library includes 5 (plus 1 looped) presets, one for each part of the Omnichord. Drums, Bass, Chords, Keyboard and SonicStrings.
There’s 2 presets for chords, a regular preset “Chords” (best in most cases) and the looped preset “Chords (Looped)”. For the regular version, each sample are approximately 11 seconds long. For the looped version, to achieve the best possible loop point, some of the loops are short and some are longer. Some of the loops will however have some minor artifacts. For best audio quality, you should always use the regular version. And only if you have notes held for more than 11 seconds, use the the looped version.

– Velocity
— Toggle whether the velocity should affect the volume or not
– Keys
— C1–F#1: Kick drum
— G1–C2: Snare drum
— C#2–F#2: Hi-hat
— G2–A2: Clave

– Release
— How long the note sustains after the key is released

– Keys
— C1–B1: Major chords
— C2–B2: Minor chords
— C3–B3: 7th chords
— C4–B4: Minor 7th chords
— C5–B5: Major 7th chords
— C6–B6: Diminished chords
— C7–B7: Augmented chords

The keyboard samples loop after about 12 seconds to achieve a continuous sound. Each loop point is carefully picked and phase aligned to avoid audible artifacts.
– Voices
— Monophonic: Plays only one note at the time, like the original Omnichord
— Polyphonic: Plays multiple notes at the time

– Voice 1 (vibrato voice)
— Controls the volume of SonicStrings voice 1 samples
– Voice 2 (standard voice)
— Controls the volume of SonicStrings voice 2 samples
– Sustain
— The tone produced on the original Omnichord has the same length whether you keep your finger on the strum plate or release it. The length of the note is set by the control labeled sustain. To achieve the same behaviour in this plugin, the sustain knob affects both the decay time and the release time of the volume envelope.

– Filter
— Controls the cutoff frequency for the lowpass filter
– Space
— Controls the reverb amount for the impulse response / convolution reverb

The impulse signal was sent through a channel on the Roland PA-120 mixer so that the built-in spring reverb as well as a tape echo in the effects loop could be used. The preamplifier in the mixer also adds some nice saturation. The mixer and effects are all mono, so I ran it through a Dimension D to make it stereo and add some extra modulation.
– Equipment:
— Roland PA-120 preamp
— Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
— Roland PA-120 spring reverb
— Roland Dimension D SDD-320

– 22 drum samples
– 19 bass samples
– 84 chord samples
– 32 keyboard samples
– 120 SonicStrings samples
– 1 impulse response


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  • Nailed it!

    Nailed the omni chord. Sounds great! The effects are also a nice touch!

    vitaming114 April 2023
  • Perfect

    As an omnichord owner, you nailed it. Thank you.

    FujiEple20 June 2024
  • Just amazing

    This is what I was exactly looking for when searching for a virtual omnichord.
    All the sounds are greatly recorded and it's amazing being able to have different tracks with each of the sounds of an Omnichord, such as the chords, bass, drums...
    10/10 sample pack

    Ignacio S15 April 2023

    This is beautiful, considering the Omnichord isn't manifactured anymore. This is a blessing having the Omnichord as a VST instead of having to pay 200 to 500 bucks online. I thank you for making this exists. You truly are a life saver and god bless you.

    PoptartBewty24 January 2024

    I just downloaded it haven't even played it but just from hearing the youtube video i can tell its gonna be fire and I'm inspired already great sonics my ears are in love

    ARTA21 October 2023
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