The story

This was an exciting discovery! I was looking through some old EXS samples I had made over the years and I came across the samples of our old ship’s piano I had recorded back in 2009. What was exciting was the detail I had gone in to while recording it; releases, hammer noise, multiple pedal noises, a really good impulse of the whole piano and even player noise ( a particular favourite of mine it seems! ) which had not made it in to the original EXS instrument. It was originally called the Pickaninny, after the name on the actual piano, but recent Googling to find out more about it showed my ignorance both of that word, and perhaps more over the age of the instrument itself. Now renamed the Old Ship’s Piano, it is presented here in both its original EXS file, and as a Kontakt 5.8 instrument with all the controls I could muster.

The only picture I could find of the old beast was with a fairy princess and Scoobie Doo jamming away on it. Not long after that picture was taken, the ancient old piano was ceremoniously returned to the Earth by way of a pagan fire ceremony one November the 5th. It’s a beautiful thing to have it live on here, and perhaps forever more. Hope you enjoy!


P.S. The sample content is only about 1 GB for each instrument, but I have included the original, pre-denoise samples as well ( also used in the original EXS24 instrument ) so the download is closer to 2GB.


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  • It needs a Decent Sampler Version

    One of the best sample instruments ever made, and the most unique piano I ever tried, please, make a Decent Sampler version.

    Lüuüuüuü09 May 2023
  • Nagyon tetszett

    régies élményeket is megzenésíthető élményt adott , nagy öröm volt dolgozni vele

    Vadasz17 December 2022
  • The Piano Has Been Drinking

    What this piano lacks in playability it more than makes up for in character. I grew to like quite more as I played around with it. It can't be relied on to sound good just playing anything but if you follow its quirks to their musical conclusion some lovely stuff can be gotten out of it.

    TheButlerDeclines01 November 2022