The story

My need for an ambient pad without much texture was increased when I started my second Album with Wicked Wizard. So one day I started playing Vital synth mixed with white noise and a soft granular reverb, obtaining this lush and soft “Glacier Pad”.

The name “Öld Jøkul” stands for Old Glacier in old Norse language.


Hollow Drenz


Reviews for Öld Jokul – Glacier Pad

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  • very nice

    incredible sound

    coagmusic18 January 2023
  • Great sound, but file size seems kind of large

    Excellent pad that evokes freezing winds and snowswept tundras. I would have liked an attack control as the pad is somewhat slow to develop. There are HP/LP filters with resonance control as well as reverb and delay parameters so you can shape the sound a bit, but it still feels somewhat limited for its rather large file size (2.3 gb)- for an instrument taking up that much room in a directory I feel like it could be a little more versatile but it's a nitpick

    But overall I'd say it's an excellent ambient pad- arguably one of the best on the site, sonically- and while it might not be the most unique or flexible sound, it's certainly an awesome one and I will be keeping it for the time being

    metatronatra25 January 2023