The story

I have found this fantastic place in the south of Sweden called Rosenlunds Gård where me and my family spent three consecutive summers in a house – a very quiet place in the middle of a small forest. We loved every second of it.

Semesterhus, stuga och villa.

The house had many carefully chosen decorative elements (most of which I assume were picked up as junk in the villages nearby), one of which was this upright piano (made by an old Swedish company called “Nordiska Piano”), standing right under the wooden stairs that led up to the second floor. I got quite a bit attached to the sound of this (obviously not very well maintained) piano and I wished I could take it home – so I decided to sample it.

This is a reduced set of samples organized into a Kontakt instrument (I maintain a larger version with every individual key sampled). It reacts to sustain pedal and comes with individal release samples. Samples are noise reduced using RX, originals are huge 96 kHz files with all sustains and releases in two velocity layers, so they are huge and not included, but can be provided on request.

Special feature: impulse response of the frame that – in a way – simulates the response of the frame/soundboard excited by individual notes.

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  • Deluxe is an improvement

    i already reviewed the deluxe version of this. Playing around with this now i agree that the deluxe is an improvement. This piano still has that bright but still warm character but the deluxe has been improved in a few ways. Its seems to play better, the samples seem to be a bit better edited and it seems like the velocity programming was tightened up or improved. It is also definitely less noisy although still suffers from a bit of noise. I would really love to see this happen more. Somebody uploads an instrument that isn't perfect, gets feedback from the community, and then uploads an improved version. Its really awesome to see. So im just a bit less food of this one as i am the deluxe but its still pretty good.

    septemberwalk15 November 2021
  • Rather nice bright sound but with a bit of a lo fi honky edge

    I rather like the honkyish sound of the piano. It has real promise and may indeed be useful within a mix. I just wish it was recorded with less room noise and artifacts in places. I notice there's a subsequent 'Deluxe' version where I'm hoping these issues have been resolved.

    Boag111 October 2021
  • There is a Deluxe version out

    This is a very simple piano library that has been updated by another "Deluxe" version from the same creator. The sound is slightly different there though. This one is smoother and a little darker, but it suffers from white noise, and if you hold the keys for too long you might listen some birds chirping in the background. Sometimes the sharp attack is just too loud, overhauling the pitch in some cases. I recommend checking it out the updated version anyway.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021