The story

Welcome to my first foray into sampling! Over the years I’ve amassed a few interesting acoustic instruments, so I thought it would be a good idea to preserve them digitally in the form of sample libraries. I decided to start my sampling journey small with a mini kalimba (thumb piano) that I got as a novelty Christmas gift a couple of years ago. Despite its size, it has a really nice tone to it.

Please note, you will need the free Decent Sampler plugin to use this patch:

Update: v1.1 now available. All automatable parameters now labelled for easy use in a DAW.


Second demo kindly provided by Matthijs Hebly (Shameless Plugs):

Reviews for Mini Kalimba

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  • Delicate Kalimba

    This sounds great, the recording is detailed and the samples have been put together with care. It's immediately playable out of the box, and the three mic mixes give more control if you need it - dropping the piezo mic out really makes the instrument intimite, I thought. Nice job, thanks.

    Giles M06 February 2023
  • Mini Kalimba

    Sounds great! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Sharon07 December 2022