Master Shake Cup

A milkshake cup processed through effects...

The story

Master Shake Cup – by Clay LaHatte (or Shake Cup if you prefer)

As I was about to finish the shake, I happened to shake the cup to stir, which made the straw spin around the topper opening. So, guess what…. a sound to sample and see what can be done with it. I also recorded hitting the bottom of the cup with the straw. I sampled it using my Tascam DR-40 at 96kHz.

Once I got the samples cleaned up and in Kontakt, and applying liberal effects (Blackhole, Supermassive, Shimmer, etc.), I sampled the affected sounds for every note on an 88 note keyboard, up to F#6, where Kontakt couldn’t play the 96kHz sample at any higher pitch.

I think it turned out really nice. I hope you will agree. Thanks for listening.

DEMO tune at:



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  • If that's not creativity, I don't now what is

    In all seriousness, how can this sound THAT good? It shouldn't, but it does! Clay has done a fantastic job sampling sounds off of a disposable cup, which still seems ridiculous to me, and I am still impressed by the results. The percussion is lovely - I suggest combining the low octaves with the very high ones to get a good kick-snare sound. I bet it would go well with the synth-like sound of the other patches. The possibilities are so many!

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021
  • One of the best instruments...

    I've been through a lot instruments from Pianobook, and I have to say that this just might be the best one yet. There is a HUGE variety of sounds that can be used, with everything from harp-like plucks to choirs to pads. This instrument is 100% worth the download! Fantastic job on this one, you are truly very talented!

    christopher14 October 2021