LOW Explosive Taiko Drums

An in-depth sampling of 5 authentic Japanese taiko drums, played by actual taiko drummers. In total: 1 O-daiko, 2 okedo-daiko, and 2 shime-daiko, with multiple velocities & sounds.

The story

Hello! I’m Grady, a taiko drummer from Las Vegas (currently drumming with Korabo Taiko). The drums in this pack were sampled from a taiko recording session I did back in March of 2021. They were recorded by Sam Friend, Robert Katz, & Barrett Ver Planck in Robert Katz’ Room at Wackerman Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. These recordings culminated in my album “LOW”, which can be listened to here: https://ihavenomouth.bandcamp.com/album/low

We recorded samples of the 5 taiko drums between takes. In total, we had 1 O-daiko, 2 okedo-daiko, and 2 shime-daiko. Shime are the highest pitch, followed by the tom-like medium-pitched okedo, followed by the gigantic low-tuned o-daiko.

Each drum is mapped on the keyboard in its own individual cluster of different sounds & articulations. Also, each drum is mapped symmetrically (with some articulation exceptions) so that they can be played with two fingers on two keys, simulating the right & left hand.

Articulations include: Center Hits, Edge Clicks, Muted Hits, Rimshots, Flams, Buzzes, and Slaps.

Taiko Recording Set-Up & Explanation

Reviews for LOW Explosive Taiko Drums

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  • Great percussive sounds!

    These sounds are incredible.

    As I'm currently diving into trailer music, I've added these sounds to my trailer music arsenal.

    The qualiy of the sounds are incredible. In fact. Someone would have fun making a percussion only album with just this library.

    The only thing that could take it to the next level is some type of visual or graphic UI. Nothing to do with the sound though.

    Sounds incredible!

    dafingaz21 May 2022
  • TAIKO!!!

    This is what I have been waiting for a long time.
    Sounds very good, dynamic layers are here, round robins too. Just perfect.
    It might want some GUI next time, but it doesn't affect the sound. :-)

    ORA19 May 2022
  • I'll be trying these out in my next big track

    A great Taiko sound. Nice variation in the drums and rimshots.
    The layout of the notes on the keyboard is a little confusing but fine.

  • Explosive indeed!

    This is an incredible taiko libary that hits hard! The creator has captured a trully explosive percussion experience, and has included varous articulations and multiple dynamics, resulting in a pretty detailed and realistic result.

    The mapping might need a little time to get used to but it's good enough. Most samples have some white noise as they fade away, which might become noticeable in case you have a solo-percussion section, so I recommend treating the entire track with some noise reduction, and you'll be good to go!

    Nevertheless, it's definitely a recommendation, as it is a fantastic addition your epic percussion libraries.

    Alex Raptakis21 May 2022
  • Great Sounds that are cool to experiment with.

    It would be great if the developer could expand the GUI to include some additional controls.

    jrh33031 May 2022
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