The story

Lofi Ai Drum pi is an experiment in ethical artificial intelligence as much as it is an experiment in sound. The samples were created and processed in DrumNet, an AI VST that re-creates drum samples and basically allows you to fire in the dark and regenerate until you get a sound you like. The original samples I fed DrumNet came from SamplePi, a public-domain library of drum sounds, basses, sound fx, and a few other instruments. Sample Pi itself was synthesized with Sonic Pi, a scripting language for creating music.

A huge thank you to alex_esc on reddit for creating this awesome sample library!

The skin for the instrument was created with the beta version of Adobe Firefly, which while currently far from perfect and unclear on the model it uses to pay artists, is the only image generation AI that uses a dataset its creators actually have a right to use.

I’m very excited to get to work composing with this tool and am proud of the way it came out! In the future, I plan on adding additional kits to the higher keys, and perhaps a layer of tape noise controlled by a knob.


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