The story

As one of my many musical lives is as a stock music composer. I produced a track called ‘Birth of Spring’ (link below) using my Leolani Ukulele as the base. When I became inspired to try my hand at sampling, I thought it would be interesting to create a sample of my ukulele and then try and duplicate the track that I had originally played live but using the sample and my wife, who is not a musician, could only just tell the difference. So here it is. Hope you find it useful addition to the many other, but subtly different, similar types of instruments available.


Reviews for Leolani Ukulele

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  • Nice Sound

    Since MuseScore 4.2.1 dropped its Zerberus synth, trying out the Decent Sampler plugin and these free sample packs. Still learning the GUI and the .dspreset specification. Thought the C6 .wav file sounded more like C4 (midi 60), so dropped the .dspreset file entries down 2 octaves. This piece was originally written for High G ukulele. But for future demos with Low G ukulele, added new entries for midi 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 84 by tweaking the loNote and hiNote values.

    Denver Ukulele26 January 2024
  • Yummy use

    Really great all around. The recordings are clean. It's extremely playable. The GUI is brilliant. I'm a fan of good simple sample packs done well so...perfect.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 08 August 2023