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Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Resonant Donut Surgical DrumKit Available for free at Features Pat Mastelotto on Drums Library produced by Larry Seyer Edited by Stephen Orsak and Topher Barnett YouTube Demo:

Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums - Resonant Donut Surgical DrumKit


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  • most realistic drum VST I've ever heard

    There are a few comments about the awkward layout. And I reckon I get it, if you're trying to play it with a keyboard. But if you have a sampler pad, or have the time and patience to sequence manually, then it's not so much of a problem. Or you could do what I do, and play it with a keyboard using just one key for each drum, then go back in the sequence editor and move the notes up and down to the different hits. If you're looking for something to play with a generic mapping, you're kind of missing the point of this library. Sure he could've just mapped the different zones as round robins. But the idea is getting precise control of the different sounds from hitting the drums in different places. If you're looking for a something you can just use to cook up a few beats with a keyboard, there are lots of more simple drum libraries that will work just fine for that purpose. With that in mind, I think the layout is pretty well conceived the way it is. Most other mappings would've been a counterproductive. Regardless, layout aside the sound of these samples more than makes up for it, by far. I've downloaded so many drum libraries and some of them are pretty good, and have little bits that I like. But none of them really fulfill the duties I need them to. So I had been opening several drum libraries and working out ways to make them blend. But now that I've found this one, I don't need to do that. All my projects that need realistic acoustic drums get this library in lieu of a recording session with a real drummer. And really, it's good enough that if used right, you won't be able to tell the difference. Simply fantastic!

    Jeremy03 April 2022
  • 5 Stars

    I had one of Larry's kits way back. the detail is amazing. That it's free is amazing. I have to honour the work that went into this.

    Stiggs07 January 2022
  • A General Midi version of Resonant Donut Surgical DrumKit

    Larry's 'Surgical Drumkit' is an excellent piece of work with an extensive range of high quality velocity sensitive samples. His non-standard midi interface is totally rational in the context of a keyboard driven live or studio work. The GM spec would not provide the number of 'slots' his full range of samples would require. But GM is good enough for creating one or more subsets of his surgical drums. I've created such a subset as a custom preset and it appears to work well. I'm happy to share this along with the key to my remap which preserves all of Larry's archive by enabling sample groups to be moved in and out of the GM percussion key range of 35-81. Trouble is I can't find any way of uploading this to this part of Pianobook. Advice appreciated.

    DM20 October 2022
  • These samples are amazing (and I love the mapping)

    I am literally in the middle of a project but didn't want to put off chiming in with my enthusiasm for this library any longer... The sounds are great. (Not much controversy there.) But I also PREFER this kind of mapping. Because drums and cymbals sound different when you hit them in different places, spreading out a particular part of the kit across many keys is way more playable for me! I'm still just getting used to this library. Look forward to intuiting more how the key switching affects the sample playback.

    ctodd15 April 2022
  • Good sound with cool techniques

    First of all the key switching to determine where the drum hits is genius. Ive been thinking for a while that drum samples need this. Clearly a-lot of work went into this. The sounds are punchy and dynamic although it seems like there aren't many round robins. Also as everyone else says the mapping is different than most drum libraries making the workflow weird. Also the sounds kind of sound like they have some kind of slapback reverb or something that might be a recording artifact. Even with its flaws this is a really cool instrument with some good ideas behind it.

    septemberwalk01 November 2021
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