The story

Probably one of the most ubiquitous and most abused instruments in the world: the kazoo!
This library contains two kazoos painstakingly sampled with a mic and piezo, then even more painstakingly retuned (I am not a singer…) and exported as playable samples.

Jokes aside though, I was surprised when I finally got all the samples imported and played the library for the first time. After layering in some reverb and tone control (control using mod wheel), kazoos actually make for really interesting, textural instruments. Great for vocal-like pads.
Once I had heard this, I decided to go all in on the synth-y sound and added attack, release and glide sliders. As well as full chorus wet level, depth and rate controls. This along with Decent Sampler’s built in pitch tuner makes for quite an interesting little library.

2 kazoos with individual mixers (mic/piezo) and pan controls.

4 different articulations (long mmm, short mm, long doo, short do).

Global reverb (wet level/size), chorus (wet level/depth/rate), attack, release and glide controls.

High pass filter controllable using the mod wheel.



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