Custom made 808 bass sounds with a Moog Mother 32 and Germanium preamp

The story

Hi everyone, This is a recreation of the bass sound of the Roland TR 808 made with a Moog Mother 32 recorded directly into Logic Pro X and processed with a handmade germanium pream, HPF, and LPF. The library contains 25 patches, each one with a particular nuance. Velocity controls the amount of saturation or distortion. I hope you like it. Julian – Made with Kontakt 6.6.0 –

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  • A big 808 library!

    We all know how important 808 sounds are, and this download will offer you a bunch of different options for you to explore and mess around. The 25 different patches mostly vary in terms of the release, which makes me wonder if it would be more convenient if there should be less patches with a release setting on, but you can also notice some differences on how the sound evolves as well.

    Their names are based on the Greek Alphabet, but they don't really explain exactly what the different is so you have to spend some time explore what each of one does.

    Nevertheless, it's awesome to have access to so many choices for such a legendary sound!

    Alex Raptakis12 December 2021
  • Nice variety of 808s with one issue for me

    When i started making music i only made trap and rap beats. Ive since moved on to other genres but i used to use a lot of 808s, not so much anymore. This pack offers you a really nice selection of 808s, some very subby, some very distorted and some with a very sharp kick layered ontop. This is pretty much every every 808 you would ever need in rap and pop music. They're not the best 808s I've heard having collected alot of sample packs but there still definitely very good and useful.
    While on some libraries i don't mind having no GUI control, i think this one definitely suffers a bit because of it. My one big issue with this is that it has no mono function. 99 percent of the time (in my opinion) when programming 808s, you want to set the synth/ sampler to mono so you can play notes and have a note stop as soon as you hit the next note. I think in 99 percent of cases you never want two 808 notes playing at the same time or even having the release of one still going when the next one starts.
    This is an awesome collection of sounds and with this one tweak i think it would become a lot more usable

    septemberwalk12 December 2021
  • Deep and fat

    A good selection of 808 style sounds. Would have been nice to have had more (any) control over each patch, but they are what they are, and they are good as far as they go.

    Mark Lord28 December 2021