Hunter’s Percussion – Kitchen

Struck pots/pans, bowed bowls, and even a useless blender patch. Libraries like this feel like a rite of passage more than anything else.........

The story

This is the kitchen percussion portion of a multi-part percussion library I put together during my final year of university. It is, by far, the cheekiest of the four categories but still surprisingly useful; I remained committed to layered, detailed sampling and tried to make this collection as musically-viable as possible!

Pots and Pans
—copper and cast-iron cookware, large lids, and a cookie tin full of silverware.

Things in the Cupboard
—spoons, a pizza cutter, the suctioned pop of a palmed cup, and cheese-cutter wire.

—bell-like strikes and a looping, bowed patch for each bowl!

The Blender
—not useful, but hilarious. I recorded release triggers for goodness’ sake…


Reviews for Hunter’s Percussion – Kitchen

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  • The Hunter went to the kitchen

    And that's awesome, because now we have another addition to the already amazing Hunter's Percussion collection. Everything seem to be exceptionally sampled, with the ever so slight white noise in the Bowls patch that easily goes unnoticeable.
    Kudos to the Hunter and his kitchenware!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022