Hunter’s Percussion – FX

Bowed cymbals, guttural gong fx, and a thoroughly sampled waterphone!......

The story

This is the bowed and fx percussion portion of a multi-part percussion library I put together during my final year of university. For a few years now, this library has been a secret sauce/garnish that I would blend into my other paid and professional libraries and figured it was about time to share! Despite this being my first go at sampling, I had access to all of the conservatory’s instruments, multiple studios, and professional gear so I was pretty intent on quality and detailed sampling.

(The left knob in the GUI controls the close mic signal and the right knob controls the far signal!).

The rig:
Preamps- Focusrite ISA428, UA 4-710d
Close Mics- Neumann KM 184’s
Far Mics- AKG C414’s

The collection:
Bowed Cymbals
Whale-Soul Gong

Reviews for Hunter’s Percussion – FX

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  • The Hunter's Percussion library got bigger!

    The hunter hungers for more, and this is the result. Another amazing addition to the Hunter's Percussion library, now featuring many effects. As the others, these patches are very well-crafted with quality in mind. The simple yet very neat design offers two knobs for you to mix and match the different recording styles.

    Inside the Bowed Cymbals, the included dynamic layers sound awesome and they seem different enough to create even more variation on the already big range of sounds. The Whale-Soul Gong has a small range, but the sound is thrilling. Finally, the Waterphone has a huge variety of sounds, which are also colour-coded, and there are also 3 keyswitches that affect the first range (cyan colour). You can also select them by clicking the circle on the GUI, but it seems a little buggy sometimes.

    Nevertheless, this is a premium quality instrument. An awesome addition to the already perfect percussion series. Well done, hunter.

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • Love the knobs...

    ... as well as another set of expertly recorded and produced percussion sounds. The first library was outstanding and while this is less "main stream" it's probably all the more valuable as a result. Not too many places you'll find sampled bowed cymbals and waterphones - let alone Whale's Souls. Badger's noses anyone? Seriously though, this just expands on what is already such an impression collection.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • Not My favorite of Hunters but still great quality

    While this isn't my favorite of Hunters its still pretty great. He always designs really cool and analog looking knobs instead of just using the stock kontakt ones which is awesome. The bowed cymbals are by far my favorite. This is such cool concept i hadn't thought of before and you get a bunch of different samples for variety. I feel like they could be used extremely subtly which can really add interest. The water phone has really squeaky and resonant sounds which I want a huge fan of and cant really see myself using except in a horror score or something. Finally the Whale Gong was pretty awesome and unique. It reminded me of Labs whale song.
    One thing i do wish is that the two knobs in the GUI were labeled so we know exactly what theyre doing immediately.
    This isn't my favorite of Hunters but he definitely continues to make creative and high quality sample packs

    septemberwalk25 December 2021