The story

The melodica is a handheld free-reed instrument similar to a pump organ or harmonica. It features a musical keyboard on top (usually two or three octaves), and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece.

We sampled a 1960’s Hohner Melodica Soprano through the two octave range (C3 – C5) using five round robins. As the instrument has a limited tonal range, we’ve enhanced it’s useability by incorporating a number of resampled wave files with embedded effects. These include standard chorus, delay, echo and reverb along with distortion, tremolo and vibrato. A doppler effect is also included for the brave or sonically unhinged (please use in moderation!). All of these effects can be blended using separate volume contribution knobs.

On top of these resampled files, a full suite of Decent Sampler in-built effects have also been added: envelope (ASDR), filters (H/L), phaser, wave shaper as well as further chorus, delay, reverb and vibrato.


Reviews for Hohner Melodica

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  • Interesting...But nowhere close to the sound I expected!

    This...It just simply doesn't sound at all like a Melodica! It has some neat little effects,but overall...Not for me

    Nathan25 February 2023