Hira’s Kettle

Somewhere between a steel drum and a toy piano

The story

My girlfriend is sick right now, and whilst making her tea I couldn’t help but notice the kettle’s tone when struck. I sampled a few hits and created a simple Kontakt instrument from it.

The results are a metallic instrument that sits somewhere between a steel drum and a toy piano. Multiple round robins give the instrumental a natural feel and the tone control adds a subtle synth layer to the sound.

V2 adds Pad Mode – Two pad layers which were created by running the original kettle samples through a modular synth patch and some spectral processing in software. Play in the lower octaves for haunting metallic drones or higher up for strange string-like textures.



Reviews for Hira’s Kettle

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  • Fits well between many other popular metalic sounds

    It's a nice unique tone, and not limited in octaves as many such sounds are.
    Tried it with Replika's 'Notchrider' effect, adjusted a bit, and it added a cymbal-roll-like tail to the hits. Using another Replika on a second track, with a toned-down version of the 'Clouds' preset, yielded a nice diffusion in the background. Another Replika, 'Prime Mover', made an up-tempo beat of the basic sound, which has great potential, and will be a fine alternative to the common. glokenspiel, steeldrum, and kalimba sounds. Like 'The Lamp'
    sound, we are fortunate a samplist thought to engage a unique opportunity.

    guildorf14 June 2022
  • sounds cool!

    This library brings some really cool sounds with it! It sounds definitely like something between a toy piano and a steel drum. The GUI looks cool too and gives this library the aesthetic touch.
    For me it would be nice to have some more sounds - maybe some pads! And maybe even some arpeggiator patches.
    All in all a good library :)

    Friedrich Gattermann13 June 2022