The story

My girlfriend is sick right now, and whilst making her tea I couldn’t help but notice the kettle’s tone when struck. I sampled a few hits and created a simple Kontakt instrument from it.

The results are a metallic instrument that sits somewhere between a steel drum and a toy piano. Multiple round robins give the instrumental a natural feel and the tone control adds a subtle synth layer to the sound.

V2 adds Pad Mode – Two pad layers which were created by running the original kettle samples through a modular synth patch and some spectral processing in software. Play in the lower octaves for haunting metallic drones or higher up for strange string-like textures.



Reviews for Hira’s Kettle

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  • Fits well between many other popular metalic sounds

    It's a nice unique tone, and not limited in octaves as many such sounds are.
    Tried it with Replika's 'Notchrider' effect, adjusted a bit, and it added a cymbal-roll-like tail to the hits. Using another Replika on a second track, with a toned-down version of the 'Clouds' preset, yielded a nice diffusion in the background. Another Replika, 'Prime Mover', made an up-tempo beat of the basic sound, which has great potential, and will be a fine alternative to the common. glokenspiel, steeldrum, and kalimba sounds. Like 'The Lamp'
    sound, we are fortunate a samplist thought to engage a unique opportunity.

    guildorf14 June 2022
  • sounds cool!

    This library brings some really cool sounds with it! It sounds definitely like something between a toy piano and a steel drum. The GUI looks cool too and gives this library the aesthetic touch.
    For me it would be nice to have some more sounds - maybe some pads! And maybe even some arpeggiator patches.
    All in all a good library :)

    Friedrich Gattermann13 June 2022
  • More majestic than expected

    If I could try to describe this instrument in a few words, that would be "a melodic and resonant bell". It has a very nice attack with a warm body, and it plays really well too! It is stretched to fit the entire keyboard, though if you go too low, the secondary resonances become very prominent, so they overtake the original pitch. You might also find some little white noise, which is more audible on the higher side of the keybed, but you can cover it up if you introduce a little depth via the lovely included reverb.

    As for the pad patch, it was a little overwhelming at first but I managed to set it to my own taste fairly quickly. While doing so, I noticed that the sliders on the bottom right corner are a little tricky to handle, because of their hitbox overlapping the others.

    Alex Raptakis13 July 2022