The story

A while ago I made a virtual synth in Unreal as a project and I turned the chorus feedback all the way up to make a torturous hellscape synth and I kind of procrastinated uploading the actual project in the Unreal Marketplace (‘but I will eventually…if I can).


Reviews for Hellscape Chorus Synth

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  • An aptly-named buzzsaw of a synth

    This instrument has a particular use case, but it does that quite well. I can definitely picture this as an ominous musical presence in the soundtrack of a dystopian role-playing game. There's lot of moving, buzzy tones rubbing against one another.

    I chuckled that there's an added chorus control on sounds that have already been super-chorused. I found I could make this an almost pad-like (yet still ominous) sound with chorus and reverb up, and tone down a little, especially around the C3 to C5 range.

    My preferred usage was to have a quick attack and longer release, with chorus and reverb way down and tone all the way up. The longer release felt almost like a reverb, but kept all of the individual metallic, buzzy tones distinct and present.

    Jake Hendriksen13 November 2022