The story

What started as me browsing around on amazon one night has turned into this rather unique sample library. The Gjallarhorn, or otherwise known as a Viking warhorn or sounding horn, is a unique instrument made from the horn of a ox. It only really can make one pitch consistently and is rather difficult to play. It relies on the vibration of ones lips being amplified by the shape of the horn itself. This instrument is unique and rather silly, but hopefully you all get as much enjoyment using it as I did making this VST.

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Reviews for Heimdallr’s Call

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  • Interesting and Inspirational

    Huh, I'm impressed. While it isn't perfect, the warcry that this horn gives is authentic. I personally pulled the preset reverb back a touch to hear the raw blast more.

    I also appreciated the tone knob, which allows the user to make the horn sound distant. I'm a fan of knobs that put more control in the users possession.

    This Warhorn is definitely not a copy and paste sound. It pops in a score and inspires me. Thanks Necatuss!

  • A well made library

    I haven't used it in a score yet, however I did a test run with using it, and I must say I quite enjoy it. I gave the stars I did for varying reasons. The GUI is outstanding, and could maybe be improved upon if there were other things to do with the instrument, but there aren't, as it is a horn, not a guitar or similar. The inspiration is OK, because it is a tuned library, which would take some work, but it is a traditional instrument with niche purpose. It doesn't inspire me to make a score, but at the same time, it is interesting and I will use it in some if I can find a place for it. It is very well-charactered and has simple playability. Again, it is a simpler instrument, so there isn't going to be super intricate mechanics, and the few changeable things about the instrument are made as a part of the GUI's dials. Overall, I would list this at a 4.5/5, but I did have to specify for the different aspects here.

    B. Regehr20 July 2023