Harp Harmonics

2 round robins and two dynamic layers of delicate harp harmonics....

The story

This set of wonderfully recorded harp harmonics is a personal project more so than anything else. I recently had to move away from my beloved harp, and naturally wanted some of its beautiful sound and character. Every since learning how to play harmonics, I’ve been rather obsessed with them. Hence this library.

The harp itself is a Lyon and Healy, model 201, produced in the 80’s. The harp is technically a “semi grand,” but has the tone of a full grand minus some of the hefty bass end found in newer grand harps. I find the tone of this harp outmatches most modern harps built today with a wonderful, crisp character.

Now onto the library. The harp rests in my house in the living room, so that is naturally where it sounds best and where it was recorded. It features every string recorded chromatically (as chromatic as one can get with the harp) , with 2 dynamic layers and 2 round robins per note. It was also exported as 24-bit wave files. So naturally it has a large download size. Again, only one rather decent microphone was used.

It plays in the full version of Kontakt 5.6.1 and higher. Please see the video in the link provided which features a demo, other key details, and a comparison with another harp library.

Enjoy the ethereal sounds of a semi-grand harp.

Kalen Smith

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s absolutely wonderful with a large hall reverb.


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  • Eerie Tones

    Great potential when added with other sound elements. It defiantly does come to life when splashed with Reverb!!

    Leon Price14 October 2021