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Despite the fact that this musical instrument is considered to be for children, I would not call its sound incomplete or not serious. On the contrary, something wakes up inside when you play it, some kind of bright sadness, something long forgotten and kind.

This instrument have 15 strings, but for greater possibilities, this sample library contains additional semitones and extra notes to expand the musical range. The library also contains muted string strokes that can be used to create rhythmic percussion patterns.

If you’re looking for a little light magic for your compositions, try this tool. I hope you find it useful 🙂
A short video illustrating the instrument:

When testing the capabilities of this dulcimer, I created a small EP, available here:


Reviews for Gusli Perepyolochka

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  • A modest but distinctive instrument wonderfully sampled

    I actually own one of these and agree that it is not a toy even if it is IRL limited. This sampled version is very welcome and although somewhat similar in sound to instruments like the Lite Hammered Dulcimer deserves to be considered for any folk based compositions.
    The sounds are consistent, cleanly recorded and intonation is fine to my ears. The additional features extend the range and usability considerably.
    It is easy to get complacent but it is a modern wonder to have such fine musical tools freely available. Thanks for this excellent one!

    martiman25 October 2023