The story

This one is also a year-long batch of samples that was sitting in my drive while I was stuck with its creative proccess. My partner has this semi-old (extremely pitchy) kalimba, which is an instrument I personally always found fascinating and yet, simple. So one day I lovingly forced them to record each note from it (sarcasm).
Again, just some messing around with the original samples gave me these four very different presets. This being the second library I create, I tried some new things with the UI and structuring of the presets.

Dream – This is what a lot of reverb and chorus will do to a kalimba. Pad-ish version of the original kalimba.
Drone – Bassy kalimba drone. Goes on for five seconds or so before slowly dying out.
Shimmer – Very bright preset. Using one of the original samples, brightened. Very simple.
Vanilla – The tuned kalimba and the original kalimba in one instrument, with sliders to add more of the tuned one and the untuned one. Adding both creates phasing, making it sound more full than the tuned kalimba alone, yet less in tune. You could call it a soft phaser of sorts.


Reviews for Glitch Kalimba

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  • Unique

    it hits different ( idk how to write reviews but seriously its good)

    rogerio16 March 2023