The story

For years I’ve had this marching vibraphone on permanent loan from an old roommate. Not sure exactly where it came from but it’s probably best not to ask. I performed the vibes as quietly as possible with 3 different mallets (soft, medium and hard) and included multiple round robins.

The Soft sounds have a noticeable thump and flutter, perfect for percussive arpeggiation. The Medium sounds offer a nice blend of attack and sustain. The Hard samples are more focused and aggressive. When used sparingly they provide definition and clarity, helping the vibes cut through the mix.

My U47 clone was placed inches from the vibes for an up close, immediate sound. I blended in a small amount of my x/y configured KM84’s for depth and stereo imaging.

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  • Great job, Thank you for your effforts

    Great job, Thank you for your efforts.
    Helped me a lot.

    Kay09 November 2022
  • Lovely straightforward vibes

    Jon's Gentle Vibes are surprisingly versatile with the ability to mix between the three sounds to get the exact mix you need. The recording is great, the sound is rich and there is a splendidly long tail to all the notes (beware the max-voices setting of Kontact though, I was quickly hitting the max when playing something quickly).

    Giles M15 August 2022
  • Soft, mellow pad - user friendly

    Nicely organic sound. Very warm and comfortable. I think I will use this one for my healing music composition. You can also adjust the dynamics soft/med/hard so very customizable as well!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • What more could you expect?

    Love the ability to freely mix the amount of soft, medium and hard samples. Try Soft at 25%, Medium at 75% and Hard at 50% as a starting point. Then use the Release to determine the length, turn it down for more percussive use scenarios or up if you want to use the Vibes as a pad kind of sound, The quality of this sample set is superb, really well recorded.

    Synthiemental13 October 2021
  • Really nice take on vibraphone

    I don't have a whole lot to say about this library but I really quite like it! Nice vibes that don't sound like others that I have and easy to use

    ConnerSamplist 13 October 2021
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