The story

I’ve been playing around with the idea of sampling some of the cheapest instruments I own, mainly childhood toys, to see if I can create something useable from them. This instrument was sampled from a tiny music box that plays ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. I processed these very delicate recordings; removing a lot of the high frequencies, adding some reverb, delay, and a fair amount of tape compression. The result ended up sounding more like a marimba than a music box, so for the sake of honesty I’ve called it a ‘music box marimba’ (patent applied for).


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  • I love it!

    I absolutely loved this sample pack. In fact I used it to compose a short soundtrack for a video game. I'm happy to see my tune is featured in this page. A Peaceful Moment :)

    Thanos18 January 2023
  • amazing!

    This is a wonderful virtual instrument; the sound quality is virtually impeccable, and the instrument's sound itself is very pleasing and reflects the instrument's name well.

    Kozarne29 May 2023
  • An awesome combo!

    Is it a music box, is it a marimba? It is both, and it sounds awesome! It is a very mellow tone, that combines the wooden and warm tone of a marimba with the inner metallic resonance of a music box. It plays very nicely, and it's spread across the entire keyboard, with samples based on the note A on each octave, and with 3 dynamic layers on each.

    Overall it is a wet sound by default, and if that's not enough, the GUI offers some extra reverb along with the other standard DecentSampler settings. It is just a very good combo-mallet that comes for free via DS, and in a very small size too.

    Alex Raptakis31 August 2022
  • A very appropriate name

    The name of the pack describes very well the type of sound contained in this package. The low notes are a marvel. Overall, as far as sound is concerned, the result is very good.

    I think the color and size of the control names should be different. The same color of the text at the top could have been chosen, as it makes a better contrast with the color palette of the background image. It would have been great if you had added a delay control.

    I must say that the sounds of this pack reminded me of the soundtrack of the caves level of the video game Donkey Kong Country.

    GuilleDSamplist 24 September 2022
  • Great Garland!

    I absolutely love this. Its well recorded and programmed and sounds really cheerful but with potential to be a bit creepy/magical or fanciful too. Good work.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 01 November 2022
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