Francis Bacon Baby Grand Piano

Soft pedal samples of a 1920's baby grand....

The story

This piano belongs to the daycare center that my son attends. I know that it is from some time before 1934 because that’s when the Francis Bacon company went out of business. Based on the gaudy styling, I would guess that it’s likely from the mid-to-late 1920s.

In the 19th century, the complex that houses the daycare center was a seminary, and the piano lives in a small, partially-used cottage on the edge of the grounds that was originally built for the rector of that school. I had to make an appointment to get access, and in February 2019, I finally got in with mics and my trusty Zoom H4n. As luck would have it, it snowed in Philadelphia the day of my appointment, trucks went by constantly and the sound of their tires in the snowy streets was so loud I had to discard half of my takes.

The piano was sampled with the soft (una corda) pedal down.


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  • Strange things are happening

    Initially these piano samples are very noisy, and the extra noise release doesn't help at all. Weirdly enough, the noise is greatly reduced if you play with the sustain pedal, and then you are able to really see that this piano has a very sweet character. The sustain pedal also seem to completely ignore the ADSR settings which is again very strange.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Ok old honkyish sound

    Quite nice at either end of the piano but lacking in any real emotion in the middle. Could be useful for some kind of historic setting piece.

    Boag110 October 2021