The story

As in real melodica you have only one “parameter” to alter the sound played – how much air you blown into it.

I mapped it as “Air” parameter, which controls both volume and lowpass filter frequency. This affects all the played keys at once as it does in real melodica.

There is some subtle chorus to make it sound more realistic. You can turn it off but after that it reveals that looped parts of samples are actually very short.

There is also some reverb because reverb makes everything better.

It’s somewhat mistuned in bass section and it can sound somewhat harsh when playing chords, but this is part of the instrument.

Please report any bugs you can find as this is my first sample pack.

Made by Severák in end of May 2023.




Reviews for Forest Melodica

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  • Nice !!!

    Easy to use, good sound , clear interface = Great job !!!

    pape11 June 2023