Conrad Mollenhauer – Flute Key Staccato

Staccato sounds of the keys being pressed on a Conrad Mollenhauer flute...

The story

This is my Conrad Mollenhauer flute played without blowing, just finger staccato key presses.

A similar page ( to the Mickleburgh piano ) of impulse responses has been included, with a fresh set of splish – splash – splosh added.

Kontakt 5 only this time. Crack on!


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  • Fun flute slaps ala boomwhackers!

    This sound, which seems reminiscent of boom whackers, is fun and musical, and there's a super useful arpeggiator and five different customizable impulse responses to make it even more interesting. These sounds are great and really useful. the only gripe I have is that the beginnings of the samples are consistently set from groups to drop, so that if you activate the arpeggiator and hold down a bunch of keys, you won't hear a nice steady rhythm as you'd expect. The rhythm glitches every few notes because the start of one sample is longer than the rest. Even so, this is a worthy download, and has the potential to be completely awesome if that little glitch is fixed.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • The art of noise, maybe?

    This is interesting, and really unexpected. At first I thought I would listen to an actual flute playing short notes, but it's definitely not the case. It's really the noises that a flute can make while playing staccato, and that sounds more like a very dry mallet, or rather a plastic pipe hit with something. I doubt that's the way of playing it though, because you will see that there are 5 impulse responses for you to mess around and they can make things veeery ambient. Weirdly enough, the on-off switch is upside down... Whyyy???... Anyway, if you don't want too much ambience, you can try the included arpeggiator, which, unlike every other arpeggiator/sequencer I've seen on all Pianobook, this one works like a charm! Kudos to the creator for the unique idea and for the proper execution.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021