Flageolet Electric Bass

An interesting technique to use the bass in an unusual way...

The story

Hi everyone, This is an instrument created with a down-tuned electric bass guitar a Sire V3 played with the flageolet technique. This technique consists in stopping the string while it’s playing, generating a higher note. The original tuning of the bass was C G D C. It was played through the Ampeg SVT virtual amplifier and a 15″ speaker, then recorded back with an AKG C1000s in a kitchen. A wah pedal has been used to cut some low frequencies. I’ve found the kitchen an interesting space to record low instruments because of the combination of reflecting materials tiles, wood, window, wall, and laminate. The result is an instrument with an interesting keyboard-like characteristic, due to its high harmonic content. I like to layer it with a piano or an organ to create a different texture. I hope you like it. Julian — Made with Kontakt 6.6.0 –

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  • Harmonic bass piano.

    I'm always really excited when I find what is - for me anyway - a "new" instrument or sound. For me this is like a bass guitar version of a felted piano. I guess you could use it as a bass instrument but I think that would be missing the point. Just play a haunting piano theme on it and you'll see what I mean - dark, scandi-noir, desolate, sad, reflective etc etc. Outstanding idea, really well implemented.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • A simple, yet very nice bass

    While this is a very simple concept, this bass is not just an e-bass. Its sound signature is different, with a very distinct attack that can be described as a deep synthetic e-guitar, in my opinion. It is well sampled, and it sounds very nice too. It is a very simple kit, but also very effective as a bass. The range is also very good, and while the notes don't last forever, they last long enough to cover most circumstances.

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • Nice Percussive attack in the high end

    While this definitely doesent sound like an electric bass, I still think its pretty cool and can have some interesting uses. It sounds more like synth bass but since there is very little control i cant really see myself using it over a synth bass in a soft synth which has a-lot of controllability. It also isn't in mono which could create muddiness in note transitions and stuff like that and especially since it seems like there is a bit of built in reverb of release that cant be controlled, i cant see myself ever using this as a bass.
    Im actually a huge fan of how it sounds all the way at the top of the register. Its kind of like organic synth bells but you also get this percussive texture layered on-top which is really pleasing and adds character. I always love these bell or electric keyboard with a kind of transient thump at the attack.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021