The story

One day I discovered the music of the movie Rain Man where the melody is exposed in the main theme with a Pan Pipe. This music made me want to play the Pan Flute.
I bought one in 2022 and started practicing and playing it for a few months. As a composer who uses a lot of instrument plug-ins, the idea of creating my own free library came to me.

Fistula Panis is the original Latin name of the panpipes.

In this instrument, there are two articulations: long and short.
You can also adjust the dynamics of the instrument (CC1), the expression of the instrument (CC11), the reverb (CC21) and finally the release (CC17) with the help of knobs and sliders or the CC automations.

I recorded a 20-tube Gewa Pan Pipe using a NT5 rode.
⚠️ A key switch must be pressed when starting the plug-in.
This plug-in requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or Latest


Reviews for Fistula Panis

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  • Good but out of tune

    Pretty good samples but not very constant played. They are out of tune but is easy to fix.

    LefZik17 February 2024
  • Beautiful sound

    Especially the long notes are very well executed. I love vibrato, so expressive, and the loop point is not very obvious. The quality in terms of sound recording is excellent. A simple but very nice sounding... I recommend it. Thank you

    Guillermo Rovira17 May 2023