The story

For this instrument, I was inspired by the gnarly, buzzy sounds of the Korg PS-3100, a very rare polyphonic synthesizer from the 1970s. I wanted to achieve a polyphonic synth pad sound that was raw and rough around the edges, full of buzz and character. Of course, PS-3100s are scarcely easy to come by, and I doubt I would ever see one in person. Therefore, I decided to settle on the next best thing: sampling my trusty Korg MS-20 mini, then bunging all the sounds into a neat little Decent Sampler instrument so all the sounds can be played polyphonically. This was the result!

P/S: This pad loves Big Reverbs!

Hear the patch in action!


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  • Buzzy character fits amazing

    The buzzy driven character of the library fits so amazing when you make this a full lush pad and add some fast retro Synth arpeggios on top. Godly sound

    JashandeepReehal24 May 2022
  • A nice evolving synth

    This is a very simple instrument that has an evolving synth with a long attack to it. The sound is pretty nice, and although you can't control the attack, you can control the release. You can also add a nice reverb, and mess with the included filter setting.

    If you manage to sustain the notes for too long the samples will loop, but you might be able to hear the actual loop happening suddenly in the mid to high registers. The stretching of the samples will also make the entire evolution faster as you go higher.

    Alex Raptakis21 May 2022
  • Sounds great!

    This reminds me of a "discount stack" with a piercing long-attack synths. Feels like a great tool for risers and such. The reverb fits well with the instrument.
    As always, a bit more variety would be awesome, like different sounds and more depth to it. As it stands, its really useful for a small niche.

  • Fun FI

    I'm not s great fan of these sort of synth sounds but this is a pretty cool sci fi sound. I agree that it would be great to be able to adjust the attack but otherwise it works well.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 16 August 2022
  • Really long attack!

    I wish there was an option to shorten the attack! I know it's not supposed to come in instantly, but if only we had the choice. This one really wallops home in the lower registers too!

    (I have just cheated a little - played a nice long note, reversed it, cut off the release a bit and voila - a lovely little buzzy synth sound which evolves as it fades out.)

    QorbeQSamplist 23 May 2022
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