The story

The Feathered Flute is a cinematic dreamscape generator of featherlike textures and
undulating swells, carved from cedar in the Texas Hill country. A sound that is both
haunting and beautiful.
The flute was handcrafted by Vernon Agold in Kerrville, TX. It was originally featured in
the instrument Flute+Violin, which later became Arctic Swells, the first pianobook
submission to be turned into a Spitfire LABS instrument.

NKS Compatible. Made for Kontakt Player. Download via the Spitfire Audio App. Authorise the library serial via Native Access.

Product Info

Minimum Kontakt Player Version6.7
Round RobinsUp to 2
Velocity LayersUp to 3 (additional scripting makes it sound like more)
Sound Quality24bit/ 48Khz
Articulations Different Length Swells, Sustains, Staccato, Chatter, Ethereal Pads.
Additional Features– Feather control helps you fade between dry and wet textures
– Individual signal control
– Attack and Release controls for some articulations
Operating SystemClick here to view Native Instrument’s Recommendations
StorageRecommended stored on an external SSD


Reviews for The Feathered Flute

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