Fake Double Bass

It sounds like an upright bass but it's not...

The story

Hi everyone, I needed a plucked upright jazz bass for a project, but I couldn’t afford to buy a library, so I’ve engineered myself to create one from what I had lying around. After several failed attempts, here’s my best result. This instrument was created mixing the sounds of the body of an acoustic guitar with an old A bass string, a small mug fitted into the soundhole, and a sine wave played through a pair of headphones plugged inside the body of the acoustic guitar. To capture the sound I’ve used the piezo pickup of the guitar, an AKG C1000s, and the headphones inside the guitar. Inside the DAW, the sounds have been shaped, compressed, and I’ve used several match EQS to have the closest sound possible. The idea is that the body of the guitar gives the “woodiness”, the mug reflects the high frequencies and the sine wave stabilizes the low end of the sound. It’s not perfect, but in the mix, with a little love, can pass for an upright bass. I hope you like it. Julian

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  • Maybe a bit too punchy

    This sounds really cool and definitely sounds like a double bass. Im sure some people will love this but i can't really see myself using it. It would been nice to have some more round robins, maybe some where you hear the kind of pluck of the finger on the string. I also feel like its a bit too punchy at times sounding like a kick drum. It's a nicely recorded and clear sound but just not really for me. Good job anyway

    septemberwalk29 October 2021
  • Fun plucky sound

    This is a fun plucky sound with a wide variety of uses. It's well recorded with almost no noise, well programmed and edited, and therefore really really playable. This is one that you have to download and start playing. I can imagine everyone using this sound differently, but I can also imagine just about everyone finding it inspiring and useful. Give this library a try. You won't be disappointed.

    Sam Ecoff29 October 2021
  • Almost like an 808 in the very low register...

    This has a peculiar sound to it, and that's likely down to the frankly inspired recording methods Julian has used here. The higher end of the instrument's range works really nicely for more melodic bass work. Think Stanley Clarke or Victor Wooten. Whilst the Low register has a shorter decay and feels more like an 808 kick. This is nice work!

    R.Treves29 October 2021
  • Doesn't Sound Fake!

    For it's worth, I found the plugin easy and fun to use. It's a bit on the bland side, so maybe adding something to spice it up would be nice. But I personally enjoy it already, so if you want a midi double bass, it's right here

    FoYo26 January 2022
  • A thicc bassy pluck

    This instrument provides a fairly simple sound, featuring a bass-heavy pluck sound. It's actually so thick that at its lowest C might even resemble a tuned kick drum, perfectly usuable in EDM styles. The sound is very short, if that wasn't obvious yet, and the quality is great. The patch is very barebones though, and the only control being the modwheel that is bound to a filter, although this is nowhere indicated at all.

    Alex Raptakis30 October 2021
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