Ethereal High Pass

Inspired by the ARP 2500, an ethereal patch created with a modular system....

The story

This ethereal high-pass pad is sampled from my modular system ( This is a monophonic stereo patch, turned into polyphonic wonderfulness in Kontakt! It’s a rich, thin, colorful sound that adds ethereal air.

I was inspired by my time with an ARP 2500 back in the ’70s. I fell in love with the colorful high-pass sound of the 1074 filter and have been looking for that ever since. Last year I got the Euro CMS Module 1074 filter and found that sound again!

For this patch I combined it with a very rare custom-built SSM2040 VCF that gives high and low pass outputs from the SSM2040 analog 4-pole ladder filter chip. This filter was built in MOTM format by O. Z. Hall using a PCB from Mad Science Lab ( that OZ modified to enable the high pass modes (see

Patch details:
– 4 VCOs: 2 MOTM 300s and 2 MOTM 310s mixed to mono
– VCOs go into the CMS Module 1074 at medium resonance, with the variable out set to high pass, and the notch out going to the SSM2040 in high pass mode.
– The 1047 and SSM2040 outputs are going into a mixer with moderate stereo separation.
– Both filter cutoffs controlled by an MOTM 800 envelope generator, negative output.

Sampled dry using Logic Auto Sampler, with one velocity layer and three round-robins, sampled every three semitones. EtherealHighPassOneShot is the basic sound with a 20-second sustain, and etherealHighPassLooping is the same with looping sustain. Different notes have different loop points for a rich sound.

This is my first sample set. I hope you enjoy it!


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