Electric Guitar Agile Septor RN CP 8string

An 8 string guitar with long decay and clean pickups...

The story

I was composing channel ident for finnish TV channel somewhere around 2010 and I bought this guitar for playing some riffs and noodles to project, but ended doing with more familiar 6 string instead.

Agile Septor RN CP 8 string has good long decay and clean pickups. I recorded guitar straight to old trusty Steinberg MR816x Hi-Z input for cleannest possible sound. This time I only sampled one velocity/intensity but 5 round robin and every single notes! Maybe got too far with this, but why not. Some famous guitarist said once: “People say less is more. How can less be more? More is more!” Intonation is not strongest qualities in this kind of guitar since neck is so short.
I hope this instrument gets more use in sampled domain than me almost never have time to play it.

Agile Septor RN CP 8 string 27″ scale
String gauges: 074, 064, 054, 042, 030, 017, 013, 010
Tuning: C, G, C, G, C, G, C, E
Unpacked audio size 958,8 MB
No noise reduction.
Kontakt 5


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