Eiersheimer Orgel

A small church organ with 13 stops and 2 manuals.............

The story

This Church Organ is a very simple one, no fancy stops, nothing special to most people. But for me these pipes sound like home. It was the Organ I learned to play on and propably spent the most time on. I recorded the Organ with my little Shure MV88+ and had to switch the recording time to the night, because even in a small town there are sometimes noises from outside. The left side of stops is located on the second manual on the original instrument and the right side is located on the first manual. Thanks so much to Christian Henson, who introduced me into the world of sampling with his awesome videos and this great site!

*Edit sorry for the looks/German language on the GUI, it is just the original labeling of the organ which I wanted to preserve


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  • This is a wonderful instrument

    when you load it- it tells you that 96 files are missing, but ignore that and this magnificent instrument comes alive in your hands - it's beautifully sampled and the various presents are magic. The quality of the sound is stunning and better and more versatile than any other organ I have found so far - instantly inspirational - don't let this one slip past you - grab it before it becomes an expensive download somewhere else - you can tell that Jonas Krug loves this instrument its been so meticiously created with love and care.

    MFSDUBLIN28 December 2021
  • Terrible looks, but INSANE sound!

    Once you open the instrument you will get a prompt for missing files, but I am certain that it is a false error. The files missing seem to be the same as the ones included, just named differently (in German). The instrument works completely fine without them!

    After you will do that, you will see a terrible looking GUI, but don't let that turn you away. You will also won't get any sound initially, because all GUI elements represent a separate part of the instrument. The presets are basically default combinations that you can choose, but you can also build up your own custom combination, which is absolutely bonkers!

    If you just hit Preset 1 and start playing like me, you might immediately realise that this is a pure gem. IT IS INSANELY GOOD! Like, holy shizzle, I can't even believe how good it sounds. Like, I can't even. Just download this already, save it up, and be grateful.

    AND it's also available on DecentSampler, which means it's 100% free AND it lets you blend the sounds instead of turning them either on or off. So you will be definitely be better off by using it on DS.
    Big thanks to Jonas for such a contribution!

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • missing files

    In sounds really good. I do think some files are not loading in Decent sampler. GrossGedackt and Rohrflöte are not working for me. Other stops do.

    RudyS02 January 2022
  • Gorgeous sounding church organ.

    Really well sampled organ which belies authors description of being simple - and clearly the MV88+ is great in the right hands. There are 2 formats presented in the download and this is where things get interesting - and a little confusing. The Kontakt version presents a GUI with 5 presets which, just as on a real organ, provide different combinations of "stops" being out; all good so far and of course you could alway make your own presets using snapshots. In addition "Stops" are "pulled out" or turned on by clicking and they light up to illustrate they are on. Brilliant. Someone commented it would be nice to be able to "mix" the stops, ie vary their volume, which is fair enough except, of course, you can't do this in a real church organ - they are either out or in, on or off. However, if you load the patch in Decent Sampler then you can and if fact HAVE to "mix" the stops as they are continuously variable - so this is definitely the answer for those Kontakt users who want to use a church organ more like a hammond organ; there are no presets so you'll need to make your own. But for some reason which I can't figure a) the "mixes" don't seem to quite sound the same in Decent Sampler and much more importantly b) they're not at concert pitch in Decent Sampler - A=433hz and I can't for the life of me work out why - using v1.3.6 and all other patches play fine... Anyway - overall a stonking organ sound for sure and I'll use it in Kontakt anyway so it's no problem - just need to re-save to get rid of the "missing samples" message.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021
  • Awesome sound but could use a bit more control

    This is a big download size for pianobook and a lot of work definitely went into this. I agree with alex that the GUI is very convoluted but the sound is really great. Its really big and enveloping and really puts you in a space. There are different presets which offer some different vibes although the first preset is considerable louder than the rest. One thing i do wish is that we had control over the amount of each "layer" added to the overall sound. You can just turn them on and off. Especially for the layer that adds that really bright upper octave i would like it to be bit less loud. The tone, character and imperfection of this instrument is amazing. While its already great, i think a new GUI design / simplification and volume control over the layers would make it even better.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
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