The story

This Church Organ is a very simple one, no fancy stops, nothing special to most people. But for me these pipes sound like home. It was the Organ I learned to play on and propably spent the most time on. I recorded the Organ with my little Shure MV88+ and had to switch the recording time to the night, because even in a small town there are sometimes noises from outside. The left side of stops is located on the second manual on the original instrument and the right side is located on the first manual. Thanks so much to Christian Henson, who introduced me into the world of sampling with his awesome videos and this great site!

*Edit sorry for the looks/German language on the GUI, it is just the original labeling of the organ which I wanted to preserve


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  • My thoughts...

    What a fabulous job you've done. I certainly am a fan! Keep it up!!
    Gussy Rikh.

    gusrikh05 March 2022
  • What a phenomenal instrument!

    I'm so utterly delighted I discovered this, I've been searching for a good set of pipe organ sounds and this absolutely delivers. Thank you so much for creating this!

    Rod Hoekstra14 July 2022
  • Incredible

    As an organist playing mostly on small organs like this, this was truly incredible. the GUI wasn't perfect (but that is from an organist), but otherwise, it was great! thanks too for making this free! keep it up! (=

    Josiah Rabe01 December 2022
  • Inspiring Instrument

    Thanks for this fabulous Instrument. The sound quality is surprisingly great for a free instrument. Danke Jonas!

    Majd Salhab12 March 2022
  • This is a wonderful instrument

    when you load it- it tells you that 96 files are missing, but ignore that and this magnificent instrument comes alive in your hands - it's beautifully sampled and the various presents are magic. The quality of the sound is stunning and better and more versatile than any other organ I have found so far - instantly inspirational - don't let this one slip past you - grab it before it becomes an expensive download somewhere else - you can tell that Jonas Krug loves this instrument its been so meticiously created with love and care.

    MFSDUBLIN28 December 2021
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