Dusty Steel Harmonics

An Arts And Lutherie CW QIT guitar sampled playing harmonics...

The story

My first ever steel stringed guitar, an Arts And Lutherie CW QIT, a very catchy name, definitely.
I sampled the twelfth fret harmonics of this guitar in three different ways (microphone, line out, and through my dusty “renovated” SoundKing amplifier), using two different playing styles (pinch, and thumb), which are set as the two velocity layers.

FX1 controls a basic low-pass filter, whereas FX2 is considerably more interesting. It controls a convolution reverb with a custom IR, which gives it a dark and mysterious character that I personally adore.

This is my first ever fully fledged sample library, so it may not be that great, but I hope some of the people on here can have some fun with it, as I certainly have!


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  • Dusty it is

    With a couple of notes, you can make it work, maybe build some sound effects from it. I do like it a lot more after turning down the "Amp" button, but the fret buzz and inconsistencies of many of the notes do make it less appealing to play.

    Ef Nerva16 October 2021
  • An Ambient "Steely" Sound

    A steely guitar with a dark ambient tone to it. I like the use of the harmonics which dampens the resonance of the strings and creates a muted ring instead. There are inconsistencies with the tone between registers and some hum/buzz buildup however a great instrument nonetheless.

    Kalaish Stanley14 October 2021