Dedalus VI

A BassVI managled through the Dedalus-App...

The story

The other day I was playing my BassVI through various pedals on my pedalboard. Most of them are DIY-Kits, that I have built myself and since my soldering skills are mediocre at best, the status-LED on most pedals does not work properly. So at some point I couldn’t really tell, which pedal was on and which was not. I recorded into the iPad and routed the signal through the fabulous Dedalus-App by Amazing Noises (, a ‚real-time-audio mangler‘, that is really a complex delay-filter-distortion-feedback-wonderland.
After I had finished playing, I found that the combination of pedals and Dedalus were still producing some strangely fascinating tones, that resonated at a distinct pitch. Since Dedalus has a ‚pitch-mode’, that lets you alter the resonating pitch chromatically, I proceeded to sample the whole thing. The BassVI acted mainly as ‚noise generator‘, with an occasional pluck or hit or twang on the strings to reinforce the resonation.
I programmed the instrument in Kontakt in ‚Mellotron mode‘, i.e. w/out looping. The samples will just run out after some time. But they are rather long, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
Have fun with it!


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