The story

I decided to try and make a sample pack from a school cello using a bow that’s rosin-deprived and I recorded it in my room with things going on in the background. It sounds like a cello dying and a neighbor moaning in the background.


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  • Amazing

    Never seen a 7th grader record a sample pack before, but it's really well done. I love the hollow "dead" sound the cello has, and it's perfect for ambient compositions.

    Un-Fixed25 October 2022
  • I'm impressed.

    As-described, this is a hollow-sounding, lonely solo cello sound. This could be used play a melancholy or frightening melody in a film, and fit right in.

    I am completely blown away by the idea of someone in 7th grade deciding to create a virtual instrument. Seriously impressive!

    Some constructive feedback: as one ascends the keyboard from the lowest note upward, the notes begin to go out of tune by about F2, so each note is in the neighborhood of a half step flat as one plays from A2 to C4. Depending on the DAW you're using, there should be options to re-pitch the notes so they are more in-tune (or perhaps a sampled note is missing?). We would be happy to help with specifics on how to do so on the Discord server.

    Keep it up!

    Jake Hendriksen14 November 2022