The story

Without daydreaming life can be hard.
It helps you be creative and find solutions to your problems by escaping reality and losing yourself in a dreamland where you can do and be anything you want.

Daydream is a simple but a big sample library It’s harp/mallet kind of instrument with pads giving it the ambient/ atmospheric dreamy calming vibes and it can be used for any music genre from soundtracks to electronic music etc. I recorded harmonies on my acoustic guitar and from those sounds I designed it.
Every preset have 3 groups of notes (round Robins) to make it more realistic and natural sounding library

Preset menu
Knobs: volume/attack/release
Effects: Reverb/delay/chorus and LP filter

6 presets :
Main classic
Pad 1
Pad 2
Full (All sounds mixed together)
Pads mix (pad 1+2)
Hope you like and would like to hear your music using it and you can always message me to give me your feedbacks.
And I would be very thankful for your support


Reviews for Daydream

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  • Magic

    What everyone else said. Love it to bits!

    MelwoodSamplist 04 January 2023
  • The First Plugin That Makes Me Cry by Playing it !

    The moment when i played some chords, I felt just some notes going gently to my ears but then, the vibrations of pads, present in the basses has make me fly away in my thoughts. I instantly be projected in a contemplative atmosphere from which i saw some childhood memories i rarely think of. The nostalgia has taken me off and I played the instrument to explore all its sound to bring me other thoughts and exploring my mind. Inspirationnal and truly evocative. Congratulations.

    Kobaye11 November 2022
  • Very Nice

    Really calming, joyful and inspiring sounds, thank you!

    Johanna Luz21 November 2022
  • Dreamy

    Just lovely. I like this played in the higher range, where it sounds totally dreamy and really peaceful. The evolution of the pad is great and the controls provide for small adjustments e.g. to attack/release, delay amount etc. Great work.

    Giles M30 January 2023
  • Lovely sounds

    It's lovely when a pack includes multiple styles of sound, like this where it includes pads and plucks. The sounds are well curated, work nicely together, and are another great addition to the Pianobook arsenal.

    There seems to be a prevalence recently of adding drop-down menus to select individual sounds but to be honest I do like having volume sliders for each sound to mix them together to make something unique in the one GUi without having to rely on multiple DAW tracks, but that's just me.

    It alsp might have been nice to have the delay time available as an adjustment, but that's also fixable outside the pack by using an external delay. Yet another pack that is well worth a download.

    QorbeQSamplist 10 November 2022
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