The story

This is a LoFi piano sample made from contact(piezo) microphone recording.
Hope you enjoy it.


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  • Cool on its own, great when combined with other pianos

    This sort of sound is useful for film composing, as well as for "lo-fi" sort of sounds.

    It also mixes beautifully with more "traditional" piano sounds.
    I made a "track stack" in logic and combined this piano with east west's C. Bechstein piano and then dialed in just enough of this piano that it really added so much character and depth. Great piano and definitely should have this in your arsenal :)

    Nate30 March 2023
  • Best piano ever

    What a way to record a piano, sounds so unique... :3

    Lüuüuüuü08 May 2023
  • a characteristic sound i'd say

    pretty good

    rogerio16 March 2023
  • A rather idiosyncratic piano

    This is a well executed sample pack that fulfils its lo fi intentions. The overall presentation is really good - it's accurate, responsive and well balanced across the octaves etc.
    The sound is something approaching a honky-tonk piano but without the excessive chorus - perhaps think a piano in a Victorian music hall or saloon? So definitely not one for a Bach prelude (?) but for a particular purpose I reckon it would be very effective.
    Many thanks for this imaginative approach.

    martiman18 March 2023