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Do you have any idea how difficult it is to stand next to a Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell without spending your time removing the rubber caps over and over? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Good for you! It is unbelievably addictive, to the point of bringing it home…

What you have here is that very recognizable “thump”, for those who have worked around that setup before, which, I might add, can be quite interesting musically.

At work, there is no way that we can set up the shells without hearing that sound continuously, and now you get to hear it too.

(And by the way, the original note happened to be a very nice B2, which I have highlighted for your compulsive convinience…)

– 84-note range
– 6 round robins

– 2 delays with controls
– Reverb with controls


The Stranger


Reviews for Conch Thump

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  • Nice melodic percussion sound, very usable

    I really like this melodic percussion sound, I think I can really use this in my songs -as long as I reduce much or even delete the delays that are present by default (although they are a nice additional touch when required). Thanks for this interesting and original instrument!

    Jaime's Tone23 May 2023
  • Pop Corn

    Having 9 shells, tuning them, just to play Pop Corn... :-)

    FLH317 May 2023