The story

Just another piece of trash to sample… an empty jug for Pine Sol. Got to get the most out of things before they hit the landfill.

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  • Wasn't expecting much

    I wasn't expecting much form this library. I mean, how much sound, especially musical sound can you get from an empty Pine Sol bottle? How wrong I was! This is an awesome library, very well recorded, immediately playable, superbly edited in Kontakt, great sounding and most importantly, useful! I love the wide variety of sounds included from bell like Rhodes patches, to pads, to more typical bottle pop type sounds. They're all wonderful and amazing! Great work!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 01 November 2021
  • Very nice, clean sound...

    It's a great, percussive synth-like instrument that I really enjoyed getting to play. All of the samples are pitched very well and are well-sampled. My only suggestion is to combine all of the different hits/articulations into one instrument file so that they can all be accessed from just one instance of the instrument. They all sound relatively similar, so having five separate files isn't necessary in my opinion. There's not a lot to the GUI other than the background image, but simple sounds like this often don't need much. Great job!

    Christopher14 October 2021
  • Unique hitting sound!

    Interesting!! Unique hitting sound, it is not versatile but useful for some occasion!

    Asuka Amane30 October 2021
  • The Rhodes patches are cool!

    There are both percussive-mallet patches and a few rhodes-like ones to be explored. I personally find The Strange Scent patch the most interesting out of all by far, but I get that the rest can be fun as well. You should try playing around and see for yourself!

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Pretty Amazing

    Im always amazed when people make playable instruments out of things like this. You get a decent amount of patches some more kind of staccato and others more sustained, all with a bell/ keyboard type quality. You can also get some cool effects out of this that would be nice for transitions. While i don't love this instrument i think its really well done and fun to play around with. Although the GUI isn't very controllable, i think the picture really suits the instrument

    septemberwalk07 November 2021