The story

This synthesizer was given to me by my grandfather, who in turn received it from a customer. The customer thought it was broken told my grandfather he could do whatever he wanted with it, so he gave it to me.
Turns out, most of it’s flaws could be fixed from within the menu and aside from the missing joystick and factory presets, the condition was almost as good as new.

This package contains three instruments, all directly sampled using Logic Pro X’s auto sampler from the line input of my audio interface.
1. Classic Dance Piano, which can be heard on tracks such as SNAP!’s ”Rhythm is a Dancer” and Black Box’s ”Ride on Time”
2. Classic E-Piano
3. Classic Organ, most famously recognized in Robin S’ ”Show Me Love”

Reviews for Classic Dance Synth

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Organ is great, problem with Piano

    The sampling of the M1 Organ is near perfect and I've found myself using it a lot for house productions, but the piano seems to have a latency problem, making it difficult to use as a rhythmic component to a dance track.

    B M13 October 2021
  • M1 Classic Sounds

    These are three of the most iconic sounds from the Korg M1. They are well recorded, but the samples aren't really well edited within EXS. Many of the samples don't start on a zero crossing, and there isn't a fade in, so many samples have a tiny click at the beginning. The start time of the samples isn't edited very tightly, so there's a somewhat random and unpredictable amount of delay between the time you play a key and the time you hear the sample. It's small in this library, but it is there. The samples should probably loop, but they all cut off rather unceremoniously after 4-5 seconds. They all cut off at slightly different times when you hold a chord, leaving the end rather ragged. These sounds are definitely iconic and usable, but there are some areas where this library could be improved to reach its full potential.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
  • Simple sounds that work

    Even though I couldn't find something outstanding about this bundle of instruments, I couldn't find something bad either. I can say that the range is not the full 88 key but it works just fine. I liked the organ more with an increased attack. I would love if the samples lasted longer though.

    Alex Raptakis01 November 2021
  • Not really my vibe and a few issues

    The organ sound i think is the most playable here. It has a pretty cool character and a sound thats kind of familiar to us all. I found the other patches to be a little less well programmed with some sample start times that seemed too long and some clicking at the beginning of notes. In instruments im really into i can usually overlook these minor issues but personally im not even really into this one. I know alot of people are into these kind of stock sounding synth sounds for nostalgia reasons and they are kind of cool but ive personally never been into them. I hope others enjoy this more than me

    septemberwalk10 November 2021