Bowed Electric Bass Guitar

An electric bass guitar being played by a violin bow to produce some textural low sounds

The story

These samples were created using a violin bow and a Fender Squire Jaguar Bass. The result is a beautiful deep tone full of grit and character. The harmonics are very present with this instrument and they provide for a very rich sound.

Using the dropdown selection, the instrument can be played in one of two modes. The “Looping Samples” mode works like many virtual sustained string instruments. The sustain of the note will loop until you release it.

The “Natural Decay” mode will bow the string and release at the end of the bow allowing for a long natural decay. The timbre of the note changes and evolves as the string goes from being bowed to resonating.

The three round robins add extra flavor and variation to the instrument. Adjusting the reverb and filter controls can give a wide variety of sounds useful for everything from effects to deep melodic tones.

I hope you find it interesting and useful!


Reviews for Bowed Electric Bass Guitar

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  • Growling bass!

    This is literally the first word that came to my mind after laying my fingers on a single note - GROWLING! Because this is just a very aggressive bass sound, with this growling texture as if it's a monster trying to sing a pitch. The included depth effects do a very good job on making the sound even bigger, too!

    Alex Raptakis26 June 2022
  • Bass drones with texture and grit

    I really like the concept of bowed electric bass guitar. Something about the tone of this sound isn't exactly what I expected. It has a bit of a hallow tone and bass frequencies are somewhat lacking. The organic nature of it is great and perhaps through a chain of effects it could shine.

    Mike Martin13 June 2022