The story

Inspired by NASA’s sonification of astronomical objects, I processed the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)’s data of the Sagittarius A* Black Hole and turned it into an audio wave by adding 1200 wave functions together. The wave was sampled to create this instrument.




Reviews for Black Hole Synth

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  • Eerie as hell! thanks!

    Eerie as hell! thanks!

    Johanna Luz04 December 2023
  • Immersive

    Found a lot of use for this one.

    Very interesting and eerie sound. Love pointing it out in my tracks and telling people what they're listening to.

    I find the breathiness/white noise of the sound makes it somewhat difficult to cut through a mix. But the breath is inherent to the aesthetic so it's worth the effort.

    Kaze05 June 2023
  • Puts us in our place

    Knowing how this was created and from what provides me quite a humble feeling when listening to it. Those bass tones had me slowly heading towards the event horizon into whatever mystery awaits.
    Excellent work - Thank you.

    Rubin17 November 2022
  • Space Synth

    This is just a wonderful if slightly off the wall idea. The outcome is good and useable. Just a fascinating project. What next.....?

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 10 November 2022
  • Ghostly choir

    Even before using the included reverb or delay, this sounds to me like ghostly voices. I'm particularly fond of the higher registers, but I can picture the mid and lower ranges being useful for very subtle mood-setting tones within a film score. Fittingly, sci-fi films in particular.

    Jake Hendriksen13 November 2022