The story

Version 2 includes 7 round robins, an extensive list of effects (as seen on Hohner Melodica) and includes a new drone feature.

The Bilhorn Reed Telescope, a portable reed organ produced between 1901 and 1920. Available in the Decent Sampler format, Bilhorn Reed has both reverb and filter cutoff effects.

We sampled the Bilhorn Telescope reed organ with a Zoom H1n recorder in three different configurations:
The default sound recorded from below with pedal noises captured is designated as ‘Natural’.
The organ also has two swell switches producing wider sound incorporating larger sound chambers. These we have indicated as ‘Left Swell’ and ‘Right Swell’ based on the switch location.

All 49 notes of the organ were sampled in these three configurations. Due the age of the instrument we have corrected the pitch for each note individually.


Reviews for Bilhorn Reed

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  • Beautiful

    Great little instrument! I find it very inspirational. I don't really know how a reed organ sounds in reality but this sounds quite real to me. It has an intimate and humble sound that is not usually found in virtual instruments without sounding "cartoonish". Also, it has a lot of movement.
    Downsides: no round robins, no dinamic layers (would be great to modulate with the modwheel) and no looping (maybe this is part of the instrument characteristics). I like it.

    Orestes08 January 2023
  • Greatly improved functionality in Version 2!

    The updated Version 2 with resampled 7 round robins and the host of effects (including the drone feature) has greatly improved the versatility of this sample pack. By using the drone function and/or the ASDR envelope 'Release', the note duration can be increased considerably.

    WalteredSound25 February 2023