Bechstein Mutes

A Bechstein Model 10 from the early 20th century sampled and muted by hand....

The story

I purchased this piano in 2017, it was my first real piano of my own. It’s a Bechstein Model 10 dating from early 20th century, so some would say it is at the very end of it’s life. It was looked after very well over the years though so is still very playable, it is the tallest of that era Bechstein upright and is straight strung which is less common. It was recorded while muting each note individually by hand, varying the pressure of the muting hand along with the velocity. The aim is that as you hit the note hard, it is also slightly more ‘open’, so you can play repetitive phrases and be percussive through changing the velocity. Please enjoy this small snapshot of this instrument, I’d love to know if it gets used on any of your projects!


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