The story

As the name suggests, this sample is created from electric bass harmonics, specifically a fender P bass. My main, and first real instrument I played professionally is the bass, and I always thought it would be cool to sample the harmonics. I have the instrument layered with the original audio files, and then an additional sample that is delay and reversed delay, and both files looped. The result is a really beautiful sound that evolves. Use the mod wheel for filter control. Some people have commented that you wouldn’t want to make a bass line with this. I realize that the name may be contrary to this, but it was never really my intention to make bass lines with this instrument (although the lower notes do sound good as a low pad) but rather to play it in higher registers where the instrument truly shines and sparkles. Check out the demo I created (“coming home”) for an idea of my intent when I created the instrument.

Update: As of 07/12/22 a Kontakt version of this instrument is finally available. In a lot of ways it’s a completely new instrument. I’ve re-sampled the entire range, and even added velocity layers this go-around. The new UI is much slicker (or rather there is one at all) and is accompanied by some UI knobs to give the user much more control. I’ll record a new demo with the new version soon.


Reviews for Bass Harmonic Chimes

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  • Bass harmonics, but so much more!

    This sample pack is so much more than its title suggests. The bass harmonics are well recorded but they do have a bit of noise. The thing that makes this library really special IMHO is the inclusion of a special "layer:rev" which adds delay and reverb to the signal. The delay doesn't come across as delay, however, it comes across as a re-triggering of the sound, which is much more inspiring and fascinating. This library is definitely one of the most useful in this category, and a true hidden gem of the PB site!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 October 2021
  • The bassy harmonics you might need

    This download will offer you a very well crafted instrument based on bass harmonics, but it also comes with these lovely additional little cute droplet voices that can spark your creativity and give a nice lively touch to your music. I wish there was an option to activate only those though, but you can kinda do that if you set the attack around the middle. Sometimes those chimes might appear to have a kind of clicky attack, especially when the sample loops, so you need to keep that in mind.

    Alex Raptakis01 November 2021
  • A little torn on this

    Im a bit torn on this. as a guitar player i think slides are so important in bass playing and how certain notes are accented naturally. Acctually trying to play a baseline with this instrument would sound very robotic and un natural to me, although there are genres where this kind of sound might be more welcome. I agree with everyone else that the effects are really where this thing shines. You dont often think to use delay type effects on bass but the result here is really cool and unique. Reminds me of last week, my friend came over and wanted to check out some of the amps and ambient presets on guitar rig. My guitar was upstairs and my bass was downstairs so we played my bass through ambient effects. The result was way cooler than i ever imagined.

    septemberwalk13 November 2021