A cheap bamboo flute from the famous “Guitar Street” in Ho Chi Minh City.

The story

BAMBOO was created to be an instrument with size, width and texture so that it could be used with little to no accompaniment…

I recently took a trip to Vietnam and found a cheap bamboo flute whilst wandering through the famous “Guitar Street” in Ho Chi Minh City. The flute even came with a pouch that looked as though the manufacturer’s grandmother had made it out of fabric so kitsch, she must have been given it for free.

Still new to sampling in Kontakt, BAMBOO started as an experiment to see how far I could get with a single sample stretched across the keyboard. Multiple reverbs and delays were stacked together to create a mass of sound, and then captured as an impulse response. The IR was then used in Kontakt along with some more reverb and delay.

Reluctant to get stuck within the KSP vortex, I avoided any attempt to add additional knobs and features.

BAMBOO is simple to use – spread chord voicings sound great, low register notes have oodles of bass and most importantly, mod wheel adds space!

Enjoy 🙂


Reviews for BAMBOO

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Evocative Far-Eastern Flute Sound

    A fantastic sound for those looking to create a solo far-eastern flute tone, and could also be used as a pad. 5 stars all around but lack of GUI lets it down. Would be nice to have visual control for the ambience, and other effects like Expression.

    Angus Roberts-Carey14 October 2021
  • Yummy bamboo

    I oddly find this sound very pleasing and it mixes perfectly with an orchestra in the back. The UI is fairly empty imo, but the great and simple sound doesn't need much more.

    Heikki Ketola13 October 2021
  • Great wet ambience

    The sound and character of this instrument are great and very wet, even when you reduce the space setting through the modwheel. This results in a very huge amount of reverberance that might need some attention in the context of a mix.

    Alex Raptakis28 October 2021
  • Breathy and cinematic

    This is an awesome breathy and cinematic flute pad. I would put it more in the pad category because i think its too drenched in reverb to really work as a solo flute. I love woodwind pads like this though because they provide such a beautiful but mellow breathiness at the top end. The higher notes definitely have some energy and start sounding less chill and more cinematic.

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • A good ethnic instrument that wants to be great

    This is a great offering, and a well recorded sound. It is unique and instantly evocative. What holds it back in my opinion, is the addition of too much reverb without an easy way to get rid of it. If there aren't going to be controls for reverb within the GUI, I'd prefer to have no reverb at all, as I often prefer to add my own using plug ins or pedals.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021