The story

I have been recording sounds and making samples for many years. This time I wanted to reverse to process a little bit. First I browsed through my photo library looking for a picture that would inspire me.
The picture I selected is ‘De Pijp’ station on the Amsterdam North – South line. Next I browsed my sound library looking for 3 inspiring sounds that could work together as a soundtrack for this particular picture.
This instrument consists of 3 layers and each layer has just 1 sample.

The first layer is a processed guitar note in reverb and delay.
Second layer is 1 piano note recorded on my old Uher tape machine and later on heavy processed in my modular synth.
And the third layer is a 30 second recording of a pingpong ball bouncing around in a 12 sided box with pianostrings build by Rob van den Broek. A very interesting loop.

So, just 3 samples in 3 layers and you can mess around with the volumes and come up with your own moving ambient track.
‘Amsterdam Metro’ is my first attempt working this way and there are more little gems like this in the making so stay tuned!


Reviews for Amsterdam Metro

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  • Dark and Pleasant Ambiance with a touch of scallywag attitude in the highs

    Was a pleasure to experiment and experience the different shades in combination with the LPF and mix of the different loops. Truly pleasant and material to inspire a wide variety of musical journeys. Thank you very much.

    Qil31 January 2023